One-on-One with Tiffany Nguyen | Riverside Portrait Photographer

Tiffany called me.  As we spoke about the details regarding her portrait session, I could not ignore how upbeat and positive the sound of her voice was.  As if she had just returned from Disneyland.  Through out the conversation, I smiled back and threw some excitement into my voice as well.  We hung up and that was that.

Come the day of the session and she was just how I pictured her, full of spark and excitement.  We talked and walked and as we both were getting comfortable and into the the groove, she said something that resonated with me:  I'm doing a lot of new things for myself this year.

Year after year, we grow older, time passes faster, things change, and we lose the passion for doing something new.  It could be anything, from a portrait session that makes you feel like a model, to a day rock climbing making you face your fear of heights.  I want to feel that way.  Not just for this year, but every year after this one.  That excitement of trying something new, pushing yourself farther, and learning new things about yourself.  Growing, learning, and changing.  But appreciating life and the time we've got here.

Tiffany, thank you for opening up this concept to me and reminding me, that sometimes, we must experience something new.  I'm glad that I was able to photograph your first portrait session and making it into your book of New.  You are a beautiful gal inside and out :).