Leanabeth + Brian | Anytime Session | Riverside Portrait Photographer

I met Leanabeth three years ago during an internship.  She was a student at Cal State Fullerton just like I was.  We hit it off right from the start.  While she held the reflector and while I second shot.  We'd talk about relationships, speak in Spanish when we didn't want anyone to understand us, and eat cake during the receptions.

That was also the same time that she and Brian began dating.  As time passed and she spoke more about him, I knew that he was perfect for her.  They just fit so well and I am so happy that they are still going strong, not that I had any doubts of course :).

We met up at the park down the street from my house. The weeds growing tall, succulents growing wildly and green trees.  Once, while running, I noticed the sun set behind this untouched wilderness and I knew I had to shoot a session there someday.  That someday was for Leanabeth + Brian.

They booked me for an anytime session.  Not an engagement session but rather, a session of just the two of them.  Who they are, together.  No labels, no pressure, just who they are right now.  At this moment, three years later.  Let me tell you...it's a beautiful thing.

Leanabeth + Brian:  You two rock!  I had so much fun talking about anything and everything.  Laughing at my lame jokes and getting to know you better.  We've got to get together soon!

Here are my favorites :)