San Anotnio, TX

One thing I have noticed since living in Mexico, is that people travel more often.  Even if it's to the sierras, or only to the other side of the border, they make time to get out.  They make time to take family trips, enjoy the beaches the country has to offer, and refresh.  

We had the opportunity to go to San Antonio with the school we work for and make sure that the hs kids didn't get left behind.  To be honest, I haven't traveled much of the United States, so this was a first trip for me to San Antonio.  

It was amazing being able to see San Antonio in all of it's Christmas splendor!  We visited a few museums, a couple of missions, the outlets (which wasn't my cup of tea, but we did go to Outback Steakhouse so yum!), Six Flags, and the Riverwalk - which was my favorite place of all!

Looking at the photos, I already want to go back!