Living in Nayarit - Update on Life

Life has been pretty amazing since we've arrived.  The long 15 hour drive was over as quickly as it had began - mostly I believe because we had hope in our eyes and confidence that we were living our dream.   It was close to nine o'clock when we ascended the jungle filled winding road when a light drizzle of rain began to fall.  We rolled the windows down and allowed the new air to flow through our hair.  Seeing lightening bugs, we caught a glimpse of the sign that read "20KM Tepic"  and our hearts fluttered.  We had stopped listening to music at this point and felt the wear of the 15 hours begin to veil over us.  We were almost there.  

The next day we began searching for the right apartment.  After seeing a few not so great, we had the energy for one last one.  One, my husband said, had a balcony.  He loves balconies. As soon as we walked in, we felt that our hopes and dreams had found a home.  A home with not one, but two balconies.  And so we started to settle in.  

And we're still settling in.  We brought all of what we could in our car and so we are slowly furnishing and decorating as we go.  I'm in no rush.  I know that it will eventually be a place that represents who we are now.  In this place.  At this time.

What I love most about this city is the way it feels bigger than it is. As if proving that it can give more to it's people.  I love that vibe of ambition.  I love that we can go swim in a natural crater lake lined with trees or go to the beach with it's warm waters.  I love the luscious green jungles that make up the parks and line the streets.  We have much to see and do still and we're eager to do it all!

We've also adopted a pup and it's been such a great addition to our little family.  I like to have family hugs and it makes all of us warm inside.  If you have a pet then you know what I'm talking about.  If you don't well, don't think I'm a crazy lady, ok? 

Let's just say that I don't want the adventures to stop and I think that I have finally found a place I can call home.  

Have an amazing Sunday!