Quality Photography is an Investment | Tips for Brides

Many brides don't know how much a quality photographer actually costs until they begin the planning process.  They also don't know that wedding photography is an investment.  As far as pricing goes, most quality photographers range between $3000 - $7000.  Of course there are photographers who are worth investing much more and there are those who will offer for less.  

Pricing is not the be all end all when it comes to quality photography.  As an investment, there are many other factors to consider when looking for your wedding photographer like experience, style, passion, client base, What they are like? Do you get along with them? 

Here I have outlined a few reasons as to why hiring that really great photographer you loved, but is just a tad bit over your budget, is totally worth investing in. 


Your wedding is one day.  One.  You don't get do-overs.  You won't have a chance to hire another photographer because the one you spent little on didn't know what they were doing or didn't know how to anticipate moments. Your day will be over in the blink of an eye and soon it'll be two days as husband and wife.  A quality photographer will make sure that they've made quality photos so that you can relive your day again and again.  


Ever cringe at that photo that your cousin posted when you were two naked in the sink? Photos last forever.  They last years, decades, and even after we're gone, they are the only memory of our legacy.  Your wedding is the first event of your legacy.  Invest in quality photography so that you don't have to cringe or hide the photographs later but rather be in awe of them and remember those one of kind moments.  

Don't you want your children to see and feel what your wedding day was like? How the love just pours from the album of your beautiful day?  I know I do.


Investing in a qualified professional wedding photographer who takes quality photographs will ensure that you get only the best out there.  You won't have to worry about enlarging a photo and having it be pixelated.  You know that the photos in your album will be of the highest quality. 

It is more than just a "good camera." A quality photographer will make sure that your day is stress free, will help with the schedule of events, will go above and beyond for you on your day.  Why? Because they love their jobs.  Because they have experience.  Because they know how to anticipate moments.  Experienced photographers know their equipment and know how to make your day as beautiful as you remember it.  

Not having to worry about your photos and knowing that your investment in a qualified and quality photographer is going to take the best photos ever is worth more than gold.  You as the bride already have enough to worry about. 


When you invest in something, you want to know that it's going to be protected.  A quality photographer will do just that.  They will have your event backed up, they will know how to care for your images and even give you options for creating one of kind products so that you can relive your day over and over again.  You can safely say that your investment in quality photography is protected.  Can you say that about any other purchase for your wedding?

Ensuring that your photographs are safe and will be of the best quality can only come from a quality photographer.  Get the 5 Star Photographer and get 5 Star treatment.  


Not all photographers are created equal.  It is nice to see that more and more people are becoming passionate with photography and allowing their creativity to flow.  That being said, it is important to find a quality photographer who will take your ONE DAY and treat it as if it were their own day.  Not all photographers are passionate about their work.  Not all photographers have the same level of experience, style, or even pricing.  We are all different and it is important to trust in your investment.   Not all photographers will know how to work a wedding and vibe with you and your family.  

Make sure that when you do invest in a quality photographer that you trust said photographer with your legacy.  Like I mentioned before, there are no do-overs.  Take the time to seek a great photographer who will make sure that your day is remembered forever just the way you want. 

What are you thoughts? Do you think photography is an investment?  

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