Of Pomp and Circumstance

During my high school career, as part of the band, we were cordially invited to attend the graduation ceremonies of those who were off to bigger and brighter futures. We got premier seating to the right of the stage next to all of the staff who proudly wore their college graduation regalia.

We were the official ceremony orchestra and got the privilege of playing

Pomp & Circumstance

over and over and over again during the processional. When I mean over and over again, I mean that we played it so many times it was like the sheet music was there just for show because by the time the graduates stopped walking and were seated, I had already memorized the damn song.

That was high school.

College was a whole different ball park. They had loud speakers playing the pre-recorded song as we walked our way to our seats. But now I can hear the song in a whole different way. A week ago, some good friends of my dad (and I mean good friends as in the kind that they were friends before I was born kind) had the chance to give me a very special kind of gift.

I must admit, I am not a snow globe type of gal but I have this one sitting on my desk where I can see and hear my college experience whenever I want. Because after all, college was so much better than high school!