Birthday Card

Every now and again I am asked to design a greeting card, birthday invite, or grad announcement and although I didn't major in graphic design, I am always thrilled to accept!

I aboslutely rejoice in the opportunity to creat something that is uniquely and originally made for my clients. It also allows my creativity to blossom and go places I haddn't explored yet. I know it sounds cheesy but having a blank canvas is sometimes so refreshing! I'm no painter, but I can design a kick ass card that is definitely a preview of my clients' personality. And that, gives me utter joy.

A few weeks ago I shot the beautiful Alexis for her birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) invite. Her colors: Red and blue. at first I thought, "how am I going to make red and blue work for a 7 year old invite?" But after much erasing, deleting, and changing colors, here is the final product!

Hope you enjoyed your birthday party Alexis!