Of Shiny Flutes and Beautiful Boys | Inland Empire Portrait Photographer

I remember the very first time I met Ms. Hodges. She entered my 5th grade classroom and showed the students various musical instruments because she was recruiting more members to the elementry band. When the flute in all of it's lusture was held in the badly lit flourenscent room, my eyes gleamed. I went straight home and told my parents what I had seen, I had seen the most wonderful instrument in the world! Or, at 10 years old, it seemed that way.

Then Ms. Hodges turned into Mrs. Jones and after 8th grade was over, we parted ways. I continued to High School and was promoted to the marching band while she stayed behind to show her shiny instruments to other students.

Now, Mr. and Mrs. Jones have two little Jones of their own and let me tell you, they are too cute for words! So, because of this I think I'll just get straight to the photos :)

Thanks Jones Family for allowing me to shoot these two little handsome guys, I had soooo much fun!