Sunday Inspiration

I absolutely love Borders and Barnes & Noble and every other book store around.  I love to stroll through the isles and find the art section, the photography section, and of course, the magazine section.  I thumb through the usuals: Real Simple, Vogue, W, and Vanity Fair.

As I sipped my small latte with extra foam and two Equals, I looked through

Vanity Fair

more closely.  Lindsay Lohan was on the cover and given her current situation with her addiction and recovery I was intrigued in the story.  And the photos as well.

She look amazing! The photographer, Norman Jean Roy did an amazing job.  He explains that he "...drew reference from Grace Kelly, channeling Old Hollywood to make her more like a classic actress."  And both Lindsay and Norman brought it and the photos are just absolutely amazing...and inspiring.

It was one of those moments when I said to myself, "Man! I wish those were my photos."  Now that's when you know I had to post the photos here on the blog and share them with the world.

Forget what Lindsay is going through, whether you like her or not; although I wish her the best.  Just look and think of the lighting, the drama, the wardrobe, angles, composition, etc.  I could go on and on.

All I hope is that these images inspire you on such a lovely Sunday.

Photo montage? Yes please!

She looks so beautiful in this one below!  Gotta love the lighting and how she's posed and balanced with the flag blowing.

Happy Sunday :)