Brenda + Marcos Malibu / LACMA Engagement Session | International Wedding Photographer

Every now and then, you second guess yourself.  You don't trust in what you know.  What feels right in the pit of your gut.  The place that always seems to know what is right and has a good way of coming back to give us that old "I told you so".  The place where great ideas are born and the same place where we fear to trust that we run the other way.  It's a tricky thing, Trust.  It can fool you into looking the other way sometimes.  However, sometimes, it's right on point.  So right that you can't do anything but want to give it the biggest hug imaginable.  

Before moving, I had to trust in myself that I could do this.  That I could make it.  Not give up.  I had that gut feeling that it was right.  That I had to do this.  That what awaited me would flourish into something beautiful.  And it has.  I am so grateful and blessed to know that what God has trusted me to go on an unpaved path so that I may pave it myself.  I'll trip and fall, and think that I've made the biggest mistake ever... just when that begins to consume me, I will rise, get up and continue pushing through.  I'm not talking just about my relationship, I'm talking about life in general.  That is when trust begins to really take over and evolves into faith.  Faith in one's own ability to continue to fight on.  To really go after what it is that makes us happy and contributes to our wellbeing.  I can get down with some happy.  

Brenda + Marcos were referred to me by Arleth Photography

(thanks girl!) for their wedding in August.  After a few emails, we finally FaceTimed.  I had just moved here and  had to let them know that we had to FaceTime.  We spent the next two hours talking, and talking, and talking.  About everything.  Getting to know each other.  They put their trust in me, living in a different country with only the internet being our way of connecting.  They trusted me when we sat and discussed their engagement session during  my one week vacation in April.  Their trust in me has resonated in more ways than I can ever imagine! It makes me absolutely honored that they have chosen me to share their big day with them in August.  Of which, by then, I hope that their trust in me will evolve to faith.  

B+M: Thank you so much for being excited, anxious, inspiring, and the most absolutely sweetest couple ever.  You two are such great people and I hope that you two continue to be excited forever.  Thank you so much for allowing me to get to know you and photograph such a special time in your lives!  I can't wait until August!!!

With love,




Paradise Cove, Malibu, CA + LACMA, Los Angeles, CA

Make up + Hair:  

By Ally 951-250-5605


Brenda did it all herself! Go Brenda! And Marcos, you have one sweet car!