We left at 8am.  And until Wednesday, I would be staying in a trailer in the hills of Huapoca with no phone or internet signal.  At night, only the sounds of rain, frogs and crickets would keep me company.  In the early morning, the sound of birds chirping and endless fog.  It was so beautiful.  I can't express how beautiful and how rejuvenating it was to get away.  To journal.  To photograph.  To just breath.

Not all was relaxation, I was taken by a couple of mine to photograph their engagement session.  You can't believe how incredibly honored I was, no, I am, to have their trust, their confidence, to take me 5 hours away from the city to photograph such a special time in their life.  But more on that when I show you the sneak preview of their session later this week.  For now, here is the personal post on the trip we took.  And now beautiful Huapoca is...

a few cell phone photos