Dreaming of blue waters

I'm dreaming of blue waters, reefs, white sands, and a icy cold blended drink.  Preferably alcoholic ;).  In anticipation of this dream, prepping has been crazy!  I've worked until my eyes went cross eyed.  Made about 4 trips to the post office in the last two weeks, and managed to pack.  And I know, I'll forget something.  

However, now that it gets down to the wire, I am so EXCITED!  I will be photographing a wedding down on the beaches of Cancun.  Taking in the sites of the Mayan ruins, swimming and lots of tanning.  

Before I make you more envious, I wanted to let everyone know that I will be off line during this time.  Once I get back from my


 (work), I will answer phone calls and emails.  I will however, make time to upload to Insta.gram and hopefully update the blog with some beautiful photos!  

I will be back August 3rd.  In the mean time, I'll leave you with this cutie pie :).

Happy Summer!