Boys of Summer Puerto Vallarta Beach Portrait Photographer

This duo are brothers and definitely worked the session.  We didn't do your classic smile and sit nicely.  We had fun changing outfits, throwing sand, running, and changing outfits.  I loved this cool summer beach vibe these guys had.  They were so chill.  They belong in a magazine.  

Sunset Summer Puerto Vallarta Beach Portrait Sessions

Nothing calms the soul like the sound of the waves crashing and the breeze of the ocean caress your cheek.  I love living near the beach.  And I love the beach even more taking amazing photos for families to cherish forever! 

Today we have these cutie pies, two older boys are brothers and the three are cousins! So cute! I had so much fun with them :). And how can you not love sandy baby toes! Ah, love!!!

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Scrofano Boys | UCR Botanical Gardens Family Portraits

This session was so fun!  There is something so fun about brothers.  Especially when they like to have fun!  We spent the first half taking the traditional shots, the smiley ones.  The ones the boys do not like.  And then, I gave them the green light to get dirty and that's when the fun started! They tackled each other and rolled around on the grass.

When I came home, I was greeted by this comment from their mom Diana:

"My boys (ages 10, 9 and 8) had a wonderful time - and they usually HATE getting their pictures taken! On the way home, they said, "Can we do that again tomorrow?". How great is that?!"

Doesn't this one look like something out of The Outsiders??  I love the seriousness in their faces.

Growing Up Bro-Less

Growing up, sometimes Sunday's were the days when my family would wake up at the butt-crack of dawn and go to the swapmeet with our parents. We would walk around the aisles marveling at all of the wonderful junk people were selling and getting rid of. We would even go crazy spending our $10 bucks at the space where a guy sold nothing but Lisa Frank. Yep that's right, I said Lisa Frank!

Then there were times when we would wake up to my dad yelling (in Spanish), "Ok, time to put your batteries on! Get up!" Which meant one thing and one thing only: Yard work.

When a man has the odds of three to one, you bet the two daughters are gonna grow up doing the things boys are supposed to do. I remember pushing the lawn mower on the bottom bar while my dad pushed it for real with the top bar. We even had old tennis shoes and "work" clothes. And after all was clean and done, we would reward our selves with food and a good movie.

Growing up brother-less was probably the best thing that could have happened to me. It is the reason why I am not afraid of getting dirty, can use a hammer (and other tools), clean a house, change a tire, and ride a motorcycle. My parents didn't spare us because we were girls, they made every effort to show us that because were girls, we could do anything we wanted. That we are just as good (and better) as our non-existent brothers would have been. And for that, I am grateful.

Happy Sunday!