Analicia + Chris DIY Wedding | Riverside Wedding Photographer


Analicia and I go back.  Waaay back.  Back like high school back.  However, we didn't run in the same circles, didn't hang out, and we didn't call each other to have movie nights.  

But as fate would have it, when I posted a bulletin on MySpace in 2008 offering $50.00 sessions to help raise money to pay my tuition, she was one of the first who responded.  Presley, that pretty girl in the yellow, was 6 months and needed some photos for her baptism.  Then, in 2009, I photographed Analicia, Chris, and Presley for their Christmas portraits.  And this year, I was honored to photograph their wedding.

In between the fundraiser, the family portraits, and wedding, Analicia and I would get together for coffee and talk.  I got to know her on a deeper level and in retrospect I would have so been in her circle in high school.   I learned that their wedding was themed "Day of the Dead" in honor of her father, who had passed on.  I listened and couldn't help myself smile at how meaningful this wedding would be.  And it was nothing short of it. 

We talked about how her wedding was a DIY wedding and that day I was so amazed by how great of job she did!  All the paper flowers, every invitation, the murals around the reception, the table settings, photo booth, and down to the party favors they made them.  It was a lot of work but each piece has their special touch.  

Analicia + Chris + Presley: Thank you for having me photograph your wedding!  I am truly honored to know you and have been there to capture your wonderful and beautiful day.  Being your photographer and your friend is more than I can ask for and I wish you all the very best!  Now, we are in the same circle :).  Love you guys!