Ali & Lexi Sneak Preview | Seniors Class of 2012 Portrait Photographer

There are rites of passage that every person takes.  These rites are what lead our lives down various paths.  Sometimes uncertain paths, other times very clear paths.  Graduating high school is a rite of passage.  A bridge leading towards college and the future.  A bridge, when crossed, opens a whole new world, leaving the young teen age behind us.  I know that when that time came for me, I was more than ready to walk over that bridge and start something new.  Something different.  Ready or not, nothing could be more intimidating and scary.  You feel out of place, awkward, and young.  After the first college course, I felt ready to take on the world.  Some how changed, grown up, and on my own.  Nothing is more exciting and motivating.

I had the pleasure of photographing Ali & Lexi for their Senior Portraits.  A time when they are transitioning into young adults.  Full of promise.

Girls:  there are more photos to come, don't trip (inside joke!).  Although you don't know it yet, I know that you two have bright futures ahead of you.  Keep your humor and humble spirits as they will guide you as you grow and mature.  I loved getting to know you and cannot wait to see all of your potential come to fruition and change the world.