Babymoon Jessica & Jon | Puerto Vallarta Maternity Portraits

I have a big spot in my heart for maternity sessions. It’s absolutely miraculous and so incredible how we grow, care for, love, and build an intimate relationship with a person we haven’t even met yet!

It truly is an honor to be able to photograph such a momentous life event for my clients. Can’t wait until baby C is here and these two beautiful people can enjoy the miracle of having a baby!

Anyway, here are the photos, taken on the beach in Conchas Chinas, Puerto Vallarta.

Michelle & Stacey at Marival Resort Nuevo Vallarta

When you find the right person for you, everything just radiates LOVE.

It was an honor to photograph MIchelle and Stacey for their wedding and even more beautiful to see them both elated to have found each other in this big, big world. Surrounded by their most cherished and loving family and friends, it was a beautiful sight to see how much their love had brought all of these amazing people together on a beautiful beach in Mexico.

Weddings are beautiful in that way aren’t they? They bring all of the people together in one place to honor and witness how much love there is between a couple. So much love that it is solidified in vows promising all that is sacred and beautiful.

Michelle & Stacey: You’ve made me see love in an entirely new way that I had never thought before. And the fact that you’re just two of the most amazing people I’ve had the honor of photographing makes it so much more special! Thank you so much for choosing me and giving me this honor! I hope you cherish these photos for many years to come!

Product Spotlight: Reclaimed wood framed prints

If I am given the opportunity to reuse recycled material in order to display photos beautifully, you bet I’m going to offer it to my clients.


WHCC is the professional lab where I get all of my fine art products. They are a professional photography lab that offers photographers amazing high quality products like albums, photographic prints, and these beautiful reclaimed wood frames.

They are frames made from recycled wood and put together in their facility. One of a kind, truly unique, and good for the earth makes them all the more reason to get these instead of traditional frames or those plastic ones from Target.


They currently come in two colors, Walnut and Maple. Both equally beautiful. I’ve made some mock wall galleries so you can see what they would look like hung up in a home.

For more information, contact me at or if your gallery is active, you can view the products high lighted on the main gallery page ;).


I just wanted to highlight some of the things I offer here at the studio because many times, photos get lost and guarded on a computer, USB, or elsewhere when they really should be displayed all over your home.

Seeing photos hung in your home makes you smile. It’s also a great reminder of how much your family means to you every day, as a mom, I know that reminder is nice to have - especially with my toddler! Ha ha!


Three families vacation at Banderas Bay, Nayarit

Families that vacation together stay together…

Can we make that a thing? Because let me tell you, every family that I have the honor of photographing is just amazing and when family gets together to vacation all in one spot, it’s even better.

Photographing vacationing families during these once a year, sometimes it’s more of a gap, makes the photos even more special!

Tracey, Bonnie, and Vicki: You three have such amazing families and thank you for trusting me even though it was super hot and really bright at midday!

Want family photos while on vacation in Puerto Vallarta as well? Email me and we’ll get it all set up!

Tips for the best photo experience

Writing tips for you has been such a great way for me to prepare you for your next portrait / wedding experience!

Not all photographers are the same, not all have the same style, personality, or way of doing things and these tips are where I explain a little of my process, shooting style, and you can get an idea of what the experience will be like.

I love helping clients to feel very comfortable and since many of my clients come from different countries on vacation, it also serves as a way for them to get to know me a little better ;).

I’m doing a master post so that you can view and click through the different tip posts that I’ve written over the years. I hope that they help you!

Big family vacation at Nuevo Vallarta

There are big families, and then there are BIG families! I love all families and big ones seem to be the norm around here!

I’ll never get tired of photographing these families because I feel like for a couple of hours, I’m a part of the whole clan. Seeing, playing, photographing moments that happen right then and there. Never being able to be re-created.

It’s a magical feeling when I can capture a family truly the way they are. Smiling, having fun, and enjoying each other. Families full of love.

And every family is unique which makes each session feel new and fresh! I’ve photographed several families here on this beach in Nuevo Vallarta, at the Grand Mayan resort and it never ceases to surprise me how each session can be so different from the next.

Thank you to all of my wonderful clients, like this family, who trust me with their memories and offer up vacation time to get photos taken! Makes it so special.

If you’d like to have your photos taken while on vacation here in Nuevo Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta, Sayulita, Bucerias, and surrounding areas, please email me at so we can set it up! Sessions last a couple of hours and then you can enjoy a fresh margarita after!

My editing style

I have been a photographer for about 13 years. When I was first starting out, Photoshop was getting into mainstream photography, along with digital. This meant that people, myself included, were editing photos like it was going out of style.

And then, it went out of style.

Over editing photos is not something I do anymore. I stopped over processing photos about 4 years ago because I just felt like the smoothing of skin and over editing colors and adding filters was just TOO MUCH.

My editing style is pretty close to the original image! This is because it keeps the photo timeless.

My editing style is pretty close to the original image! This is because it keeps the photo timeless.

I also realized that filters are part of trends, and that means that when a trend goes out of style, that editing also goes out of style. And then you’re left with photos that are out of style.

Of course, to each their own. Each photographer has their own particular style and I’m not here to say that it’s wrong or out of date or anything, it just isn’t for me or my clients.

I like to stick to a nice elegant and timeless look with the photos that I create. I feel like editing this way means that your photos will never look dated or out of style.


What do I do then? I color correct, bump up the warmth, take out blemishes, clean up the skin a bit and brighten and add contrast. It’s very minimal and takes me less time to edit which also means your photos get to you sooner.

Editing this way has revolutionized my time in front of the computer and lets me focus more on the creative part of my photography.


I love letting my clients see exactly firsthand what they can expect to see when they get their final images. So, I’ve pulled together some before and after photos so you can see exactly how I edit the photos!

What do you think? What kind of look do you like to have for your photos?

What is the best time to schedule my beach portrait session

Beach portraits are wonderfully unique because of the location! The beaches here in Bucerias and Puerto Vallarta are breathtakingly beautiful and offer long stretches of beach and sunsets like no other.

However, because you’re on a beach there are a few things to consider when you’re having your portraits taken.

Sunset Golden Hour is the best time

The best time to schedule your session is about an hour to an hour and half before sunset. I’m sure that you’ve heard it as it’s the infamous “golden hour”. This is when the sun is going down, making it less harsh but giving it such a beautiful golden wash to the photos.


The sun sets behind the beach here which makes any time between 11am and 4pm brutal to photograph in. The sun is still behind the water a bit however, the sand will reflect all of that light back onto you making it hard to see, often resulting in squinty or closed eyes.

Why start so early before sunset, isn’t it still too bright?

Having enough time to photograph your family fully is always the best bet. I want to make sure you have lots of photos that you can revisit time and time again. If we only photographed during sun set, we’d have only about 10 minutes to photograph your family.


This way, we can also walk around, have fun, splash in the water, and get individual photos and candid photos of your family being themselves. It also gives me time to hang with you and get to know you better!

Don’t worry if we photograph at a different time than sunset!

Maybe you have a tour scheduled and won’t make it in time, or perhaps nap times have to be considered and I can definitely understand with my 2 year old!

Don’t worry, I got you covered. If we do photograph your session at a different time than sunset, we can still get absolutely stellar images that you’ll love for many years to come!


The difference here is that there will be less posed photos and more interactive photos. This is because the sun is pretty bright any time after 9am and so rather than having you cringe and squint trying to look at the camera, I’ll have you play and interact with each other.

But don’t worry, if there is shade, we’ll definitely use it! If there isn’t, I’ll try and position you so that the sun isn’t so harsh.


Keeping you comfortable while still photographing your family interacting make for the most emotive photos! These are my favorite type of photos to create!

Do what’s best for you and your family

Choosing the best time for your family is always the best way to schedule your session. I am comfortable and experienced in photographing at any time during the day so that you have the most beautiful photos of your family on vacation.


So if we need to photograph at 10am because of a nap time, I’ve got you covered. After lunch time when tummies are full and every one has lots of energy, let’s do it.

The time that is best for you and your family is when I want to photograph you. This is a sure way to get the best expressions, energy, and have the most fun during a session that everyone will love!

Have you had a family vacation session before? Are you interested in scheduling your next session while in Puerto Vallarta? Contact me so I can send over all of the info and get your family photographed!